Have you figured out what the Occupy protesters are protesting? Apparently law enforcement can be ruled out as there have been almost no laws enforced even though thousands have been arrested. The arrests primarily have had to with protesters disobeying the police, blocking streets, refusing to move and blatant property damage; but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Reports of sexual assaults in Occupy protests all over the country have created a disturbing vision of the people that are camping out to declare their opposition to something ranging from the evils of capitalism to laws against the possession of marijuana.

When Disco hit back in the ‘70s most of us old enough to remember thought we’d seen the last of the Hippies. Hippies were replaced with Yuppies and by the ‘80s Disco itself faded into history; but the Hippies are back.

Hippies were themselves a nebulous group of anti-establishment, anti-capitalism and anti-war free-love bums, for lack of a better term. Many went on to become very successful businesspersons and they are now the targets of the Occupy Hippies. The term “sit-in” was coined for the practice of groups of Hippies finding some symbol of “the man” and parking their back-sides until hauled away to jail. The Hippies were, for the most part, ardently non-violent, but the Occupy Hippies are anything but.

More than 6 sexual assaults have been reported at Occupy encampments across the country with 3 in New York alone; but this is only the ones that have been reported. Occupy camp leaders have instructed their Hippie clans to withhold reporting any crime to local police in favor of Occupy enforcement. The actual number of crimes committed in these Hippie havens is likely tens if not hundreds of times greater than we are aware.

In New York female protesters have had to set up a “woman-only” tent to remain safe.

New York Police Sergeant Ed Mullins said, “The concern would be the rapes and attacks that aren’t reported. We have no way of really knowing. If you have three or five crimes reported, you really don’t know if it’s eight or 10 that happened.”

The Occupy protests have become a magnet for criminals of all sorts and the problems are widespread. In Dallas a 23-year-old man is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old. In Cleveland an investigation is underway of a sexual assault that happened in October.

The 1967 Haight-Ashbury “Free love” has been replaced with the Occupy “Take the love you want.”

Occupy Wall Street organization remains mum to the media about the crimes but they have issued a statement to their clan:

“As individuals and as a community, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to create an alternative to this culture of violence. We are working for an OWS and a world in which survivors are respected and supported unconditionally… We are redoubling our efforts to raise awareness about sexual violence. This includes taking preventative measures such as encouraging healthy relationship dynamics and consent practices that can help to limit harm.”


Do they really need to raise awareness about committing a crime? Of course not. As long as there is no law enforcement, there is no law. It’s the wild wild west and if you need something, be it a warm body to soothe your needs or a little cocaine to make the mindless hours go by, have at it. We Occupy Hippies aren’t subject to your establishment rules!

Beyond sex crimes, the reports of thefts, personal violence and drug use have grown steadily. Property damage from the protests is already in the tens of millions. For the love of God, why are we tolerating this?

Our founders documented rights to free speech and assembly to allow the most insignificant of the public to have a voice in the operation of the country; they did not intend those rights to be an excuse for criminal activity or to stand in the way of commerce. Businesses directly in the areas of Occupy protests have been seriously damaged, lost revenue and in a few cases forced to close.

The atmosphere of the protests appears to be headed in a decidedly more violent direction. Protesters in Seattle caused hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the port and across the border in Oregon the police have had to respond to calls of Molotov cocktails being planted at the city’s World Trade Center. Authorities had received unconfirmed information a week earlier that people within the Occupy Portland encampment were constructing the crudely made bombs, made with a glass bottle filled with gasoline with a soaked rag or cloth sticking out of the opening as a wick.

In San Diego street vendors had to shut down Monday after protesters, angry that they stopped receiving free food, ransacked and vandalized the vendor’s carts; they sprayed graffiti on the carts, splattered them with blood and urine.

A man in New York taking pictures of the Occupy Wall Street tent city last weekend was struck in the face, without warning, leaving him with cuts and bruises. Business owners in the Wall Street area have been terrorized and threatened with violence when they refuse to allow Occupy Hippies to use their restrooms.

Stacey Tzortzatos, owner of Panini and Co., located across from Zuccotti Park, got fed up two weeks ago when demonstrators broke a bathroom sink causing flooding in the shop and leaving her with a bill of $3,000 in damages, according to the New York Post.

Demonstrators in Boston have been found to be well armed and well stocked with drugs.

What message is our inaction sending to our kids?

Freedom of speech is priceless but has limits as does the right to assemble.

We are a society of laws and once we choose not to enforce those laws the fabric of society frays. Eventually any respect for the law evaporates and true lawlessness flourishes.

The local governments from New York to San Francisco have been negligent. It’s well past time that law enforcement authorities are given the green light to clean up these nests of delinquency and send these Hippies home.

Vendors that are servicing these camps should stop giving away food and then stop selling them food. Whether there is a profit to be made or not you’re doing a disservice to your fellow law-abiding citizen. Let the Hippies go out and get their own food like the rest of us; better yet let them go home and get a job. If they can’t find work, sitting around breaking the law and cursing at Wall Street isn’t going to change a thing. Everyone from every one of these Hippie gatherings should head down to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington and protest at the one place they’ll find a little sympathy.

Anyone seen where we’ve put the American backbone?

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