There’s nothing like a surge to the left, brought on by a “progressive” liberal Congress and President, to stir the American People into action.  That was demonstrated this past November as record turnouts in a mid-term election tossed out the liberals from the House of Representatives in numbers not seen in nearly a century.

In the process, large numbers of Americans, for the first time in their lives, gathered to voice their displeasure with the out-of-control spending and liberal direction the government had taken the past two years.  Nancy Pelosi and her nanny-state agenda, along with spending our kids into oblivion, awoke the sleeping giant and we spoke up! The Tea Party sprouted wings and took flight, landing at polling places all over the country this past November.  The result: more than 60 seats in the House changed hands and the Senate became much closer.

This blog and the corresponding PodCast, though, are not dedicated to the massive upswelling of disdane the public has shown for elected officals, but rather to expose the damage “progressive” thinking can do to our beloved country.

Be watching for upcoming posts, as we explore the brain-wasting syndrome known as liberalism.  A PodCast will be coming to a computer near you not long from now, so keep an eye out!  We will keep you updated here on the blog.