Boston Globe columnist and noted novelist James Carroll told Salon Magazine that, “The United States of America threatens the world with violence in ways that no other country does and that boils down to our refusal to disarm after the end of the Cold War.”

James Carroll has a long history of blaming America, often using the statement that America’s “unchecked, monumental national security establishment,” and using the phrase “defining our nation in terrible ways,” to pursue his historically left-wing opinion of the nation that has paid him quite well over the years.

James Carroll

Carroll is known to toss out Anti-American rhetoric as a way to incite readers, but it’s clear that he has a deep hatred for everything America represents. Carroll is a long-time darling of the Liberals, who will gladly serve up whatever baseless drivel that supports his radical ideology.

Carroll doesn’t reserve his disdain for American citizens merely on terms of political thought; he is happy to trash any theological view that doesn’t fall in line with his own anti-religion/anti-American viewpoint. Carroll is well-known for his anti-religious views, with a pension for negative assertions about the origins of Judeo-Christian philosophy.

Carroll’s latest sewage, Christ Actually: The Son of God for the Secular Age, furthers his role as , a professional Christian debunker, where he reiterates claims he’s made in previous works, namely that the New Testament is an anti-Semitic work that has fueled violence against the Jews since its writing up to the present day. This is Carroll’s way of trying to pit various religious views against one another to further his socialistic views.

A close examination of Carroll reveals a hippy whose time has long since passed, making assertions about Jesus views about America’s involvement in Viewtnam: “The thing that I most value about Jesus was his clear commitment to nonviolence in a very violent world,” Carroll says, adding that “the nonviolence of Jesus speaks directly to the American condition.”

Self-identified as a “Catholic,” Carroll’s writing expresses a deep bitterness and anger toward the Church. “One of the most creative things that’s happened to the Catholic Church in America,” Carroll says, “has been this vast exodus of Catholics from the church.”

Carroll is proud of his hippy days, proclaiming, “I was part of the anti-war movement. I was a Catholic priest and chaplain at Boston University, which was a center of the anti-war movement, and those were defining years for me.” Much of the distorted views of students who attended Boston University during his tenure can be directly tied back to Carroll’s radical views that he espoused while molding young minds.

Carroll father served in the Air Force as an officer during Vietnam and some of his writings reveal a deep hatred for his own father who he claims was, “very much involved in the administration of the Vietnam War” and it was precisely the war, according to Carroll, that occasioned “my break with my father.”

Sooner or later age will cleanse us of this kind of distorted view of America and religion as Carroll and his bizarre and factually challenged thinking fade away; until then we owe it to ourselves to fastidiously fact-check and confront the motives and agenda of Carroll and his ilk.