I personally suggest the ex-Vice President consider water painting.  I’m sure some scenes of ocean levels rising to the point that folks in the Catskills have beachfront property would probably get the likes of Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews quivering to make the first bid.


Some might think, while 1/3 of the country is frozen, we might be headed into a new ice age.  But not Climatologist Al Gore.  Somewhere between inventing the Internet and pulling an 8-year stint as VP apparently Al took up the hobby of predicting long-term weather forecasts.  The outcome, An Inconvenient Truth.  However, An Inconvenient Lie might be more appropriate.


But like all liberals, lies can become truths with a bit of twisting of the facts.  Here’s a recent quote of Mr. Gore as reported by Fox News:


"As it turns out, the scientific community has been addressing this particular question for some time now, and they say increased heavy snowfalls are completely consistent with what they have been predicting as a consequence of man-made global warming,"  The Nobel Prize-winning former vice president (insert laugh here,) was responding to a question posed by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, who wondered on air why global warming was such an urgent science policy priority when the New York City area had become a “tundra” this winter.


You see, if you’re a global warming fanatic, as is Mr. Gore, you believe everything can be explained by a a rise in global temperatures, which statistically doesn’t exist.  According to our Climatologist In-Chief, this warming is creating “all sorts of havoc,” from hotter dry spells to colder winters and ever more violent storms. This is even endangering certain species of animals and leading to forest fires and floods.  Of course, if it were a balmier than normal winter, that too would be due to global warming.  It’s a no-lose proposition.


Some climate-change skeptics are having a good snicker over Gore’s learned explanation.


Fox New reported that Dr. William M. Briggs, a statistician and climate scientist (not a hobby, Al,.  This guy has actually worked doing this for years,) commented, “Gore’s statement actually indicates a deeper problem — lack of precise predictions.”  Briggs research shows that there are no increased weather problems because of global warming.  “He’s saying that anything bad that happens must be because global warming caused it. Activists like Gore are great at identifying events after the fact as being caused by global warming, but terrible at predicting them beforehand.”


Well here’s one inconvenient truth the ex-VP doesn’t want to deal with; there is an extensive history of devastating weather phenomena going back throughout recorded history, long before man created petroleum products and started creating Al’s greenhouse effect.  None of these prior events can be tied to global warming.  In early American history much of the Earth experienced what was called the “little Ice Age.”  Hmm, must’ve been caused by Indian smoke signals.


Seriously, though, I’m not about to discount the effects of man on the environment.  I myself remember a time, not so long ago, when many rivers in the U.S. were not fit for humans to swim.  We should strive to be responsible to the environment so that our children have a decent and safe place to live their lives.  But do we need to create a panic so the masses run out and buy hybrids, or can we implement some common-sense approaches to caring for our planet?  This kind of radical thinking only turns people off to environmental concerns, as valid and reasonable tactics are swept away with the enviro-wacko deceit.


Al, even though the liberal Nobel committee gave you a million bucks, a shiny medal and a great sense of self-worth, you need to realize that the last grains of your reputation are at stake.  It would behoove you to consider doing what President Clinton does these days and find some worthy international cause, not related to the weather, and use some of your fund raising savvy to help out.  In fact, how about donating that million dollars you got for the Nobel Prize to bring your Internet to the Amazon rainforest?  At least take up something you’re more intellectually adept at, like perhaps origami or fueling up your global warming inducing Learjet!


This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to burn some coal, watch cows fart and harpoon a whale!