From Fox News:

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. wants unemployed Americans to send him their resumes. But the Illinois Democrat and son of the legendary civil rights leader isn’t hiring or even offering to forward the resumes to those who are hiring. He just wants to “put a face on the job crisis we confront.”

“By collecting these resumes, I hope to dramatize the shameful condition of unemployment and compel action to do something about it,” he said Friday on the House floor. “I hope to remind my colleagues every day that we work for those Americans who have been left behind, but who want to work.”


Where was Jesse Jackson Jr.  the last 2 years?  Where was he when the Congress was voting for a stimulus package that neither stimulated the economy or created any jobs?

I’m glad Mr. Jackson is concerned about the unemployed, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to be anything other than a political stunt.  He voted for the stimulus.  In fact he stated he didn’t feel it was big enough.  All those “shovel ready” projects that did nothing for the unemployed.

Perhaps had he spoken with a real economist before voting to jack up the national debt, and considered shrinking the size of government,  maybe then we could believe his sudden conversion was anything other than an attempt to try and convince the public he has any concern over their pain.  No, instead he was all about helping out his political cronies in the unions, cause, as we know, that’s where his money comes from.

Give it a rest Jesse.  No one is buying it!