The MSNBC Wasteland

The day before Memorial Day, MSNBC host Chris Hayes commented that he wasn’t comfortable with the use of the term “heroes” to describe fallen soldiers. The comments created a firestorm of anger from virtually across the spectrum. This is the true MSNBC in all its glory.

Hayes hosts the MSNBC show “UP with Chris Hayes” that serves to spread the extreme left-wing hyper-progressive views of MSNBC’s editorial board across our cable networks, polluting society with principles so completely out-of-touch that its greatest value is to demonstrate how far they are from the mainstream of American.

Why Hayes, backed by MSNBC management, chose to use a day of such reverence as Memorial Day to spew his noxious views of the military while oblivious to the response it would generate is one of life’s great mysteries.

Chris Hayes, MSNBC

Hayes comments came during his show on Sunday, the day before Memorial Day, saying he was “uncomfortable” with the word because it seemed like a rhetorical device that could justify engaging in more wars.

Hayes apparently doesn’t understand that soldiers don’t start wars; they only serve the will of politicians. They go into battle because civilians in Washington believe a cause is of such import that it warrants soldiers risk their lives.

In a posting on the show’s website Monday Hayes apologized for not living up to his own “standards of rigor, respect and empathy.”

What a load of malarkey. Because Hayes, like the rest of his MSNBC cohorts hate the military and everything they stand for he spoke his mind. Thank God he and MSNBC can’t help themselves from revealing their true colors.

Hayes claims he was trying to discuss the divide between the military and civilians but all he managed to do was show us why MSNBC is a waste of vital cable bandwidth.

How long will advertisers continue to fund this left-wing propaganda wasteland? Perhaps some will eventually come around to the reality that only the most liberal thinkers in the nation, and that’s a tiny minority, has any use for their point of view.

MSNBC is consistently drubbed by both CNN and Fox News in the ratings, but for some strange reason advertisers continue to fund their hate-filled anti-American perspective.

Maybe this will be the point where consumers will realize that when they buy the products of MSNBC’s adverstisers they keep this network on the air.

Wake up America and send a message.