It’s humorous, to say the least, when the Democrats complain about the lack of action by the Republicans on job creation.  They did such a bang-up job during the last two years, you’d think the Dems would be smart enough to keep their big yaps shut.

Defunding Obamacare and budget cuts have been the primary focus of the Republicans’ agenda in the one month since they assumed majority control of the House, but the Democrats are wailing, “Where are the jobs?” claiming that the rallying cry from the Republicans during the campaign is being ignored when it should be the top priority.  Laughable, isn’t it?

The lead babbler in the House, Representative Louise Slaughter, a rampant tax and spend LIberal, came out to say, "They have not done a single jobs bill since they’ve taken over."  Jobs bill?  Really?  Hasn’t the government yet figured out that the only jobs they’re able to create are government jobs?  The lack of small business hiring is a product of runaway spending and interference from the government.  The government needs to keep their hands off business.

The complaints from the Democrats are nothing more than a preamble to the 2012 presidential campaign.  If the unemployment rate remains high, they want to have someone to blame to deflect responsibility from the Obama administration.

According to, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched a website, called, counting the number of days that have passed without a GOP jobs proposal.  Never let a crisis slip away without using it to score political points, even if the crisis is due to your own mismanagement!  They know the Republicans have no intention of issuing a “jobs bill,” however they do intend to stem the flood of spending and offer hope to businesses that the government won’t dip any further into their pockets, believing it will open the floodgates of private spending held in abeyance due to the uncertainty over future anti-business government tactics.

But the lies just keep on spewing from the left-wing radicals.  Rep. Diana Degette, Liberal from Colorado continued the attack stating, "Frankly, we would have thought that the Republican majority would join with us to talk about how we could create good jobs for Americans."  We’re not buying it Ms. Degette.  The Republicans know they American people have had their fill of government give-aways.

While Democrats have been dumping money into state budgets and supposed “shovel-ready” projects, it’s clear the only thing they’ve managed to grow is government jobs and the deficit.

Republicans have made it clear, their priorities are to repeal Obama’s health care fiasco, reduce anti-business regulations and slash the out-of-control federal budget;  all three considered key to helping employers grow their business.

Speaker of the House Boehner in response to the Liberal rantings said, "House Republicans’ top priority is helping to create jobs.  We’ve voted to do that by repealing Washington Democrats’ health care law — filled with mandates, higher costs and tax hikes. And, by working to cut government spending and eliminate burdensome regulations, we’re creating an environment to get the economy moving again."

Eric Cantor, House Majority Leader added, "This Congress is going to be about jobs and the economy.  We are going to be a cut-and-grow Congress."

If the state of the economy in November 2012 is looking up, the Dems will say it’s due to the actions of Obama to keep us from going into another depression.  If the economy isn’t much better than it is now, it’ll be the fault of the Republicans.  Good luck with that approach!  It ain’t gonna stop Barak Obama from being a one-term President or the Republicans gaining control over the Senate.