Imagine for a minute that all the charges against Herman Cain are false and were ginned up by political operatives assisted by the press. Is this the case? Who knows? Yet with the latest accusations of a 13-year affair if the charges are nothing more than a complete lie, imagine what the bitterness of our politics has done to a family.

Word came from the Herman Cain campaign today that Cain is re-assessing his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination because of the pain the accusations are causing his family. Perhaps Cain isn’t being targeted by political assassins and he has an entire platoon of skeletons in his closet, but one has to wonder why a man as demonstrably bright as Herman Cain would have jumped into the political ring knowing that all these supposed secrets would come out, devastate his family and destroy his nomination bid?

One has to wonder why none of these allegations came to light before Cain became the frontrunner in the GOP nomination process. The sexual harassment charges were more than a decade old and pre-date Herman Cain’s last attempt for elected office, yet none of this came out before. What stimulated the release of the charges? The woman who claimed that Cain accosted her at a National Restaurant Association event in DC never came forward during his earlier campaign or during the first 8 months of his GOP presidential nomination bid. Now a 13-year affair suddenly surfaces when the woman remained mum all these years and she didn’t come out immediately after the other charges. Something simply doesn’t smell right.

If we had an objective press in this country they would be concentrating their investigative teams to find the facts, but unfortunately any semblance of an unbiased press died in 2008.

The intent of this article isn’t to support Herman Cain, because there are too few facts and too many accusations. Herman Cain may be a massive dirt bag, but if he’s as innocent as he claims we’re witnessing a new low in politics, where neither honesty nor candidate’s families will be spared.

The timeline of the charges against Herman Cain look suspiciously similar to his rise in the polls and that fact alone is worth further investigation. Unfortunately, now that a Washington Post blogger has tweeted that he is looking for his followers to help him find dirt on Newt Gingrich any hope that the mainstream media will police itself is nonexistent. Both the Washington Post and The New York Times recruited followers online to help pour over the released Sarah Palin emails while she was still considering a presidential nomination bid, only to fail to turn up anything they could use against her; just one more demonstration of the death of journalism in the U.S.

If Herman Cain is guilty of what he’s being charged with he deserves everything he gets; if not both Herman Cain and his family have been dealt the greatest of injustices and I pray one of the few remaining news outlets with any sense of fairness will see that his name is cleared and the perpetrators are exposed for what they are; in either case the public deserves to know the truth.

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