If you’re to believe what the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) tells us, the $938,000,000,000 (count those zeros,) you’d might think Obamacare is going to actually save us money.

Should we believe this?  I mean, why would the CBO lie to us? They don’t. They only work with the information that is sent to them by Congress.  Which means if the Congress tells them that for every crushed car under Cash For Clunkers it will save 2 jobs and add $8,000 to the economy, that’s what the CBO will work with.  And the CBO will then report to us on how much the deficit will be increased or decreased, using the flawed data provided by Congress.

Are the Democrats alone is providing bogus info to the CBO. Hell no. They all do it. It’s a shameful practice utilized to sell a particular law and it makes the reporting of the CBO questionable at best.  In fact history will tell you that the CBO is rarely correct, but that’s not their fault. It’s the old garbage in – garbage out formula.

So, back to Obamacare. The 938 billion dollar bill is, without a doubt, the most corrupt bill ever produced out of the legislature. It creates the single largest entitlement ever, while exploding the federal bureaucracy. Hmm, now how does that save us money? CBO is now telling us the repeal of Obamacare will cost us 230 billion dollars – which, unless I’m missing something, is something on the order of 2 times what they said it would save us (118 billion.) Huh?

Here’s some facts that the liberals would rather the American people not know:

1. The savings do not take into account the Doctor Fix, necessary to keep thousands of doctors from leaving the system due to insufficient compensation.  The cost: estimated between 270 and 400 billion dollars.

2. Obamacare pays for 4 years of services while imposing 10 years of tax increases. What happens when we have to pay for the other 6 years of services? You got it, more taxes.

3. It is now accepted (and demonstrated to quite a few of us already) that Obamacare will cause a dramatic rise in individual health insurance premiums. Wasn’t the point of Obamacare to reduce healthcare costs? If so, why are the insurance companies raising there rates at nearly double the prior rate? Cause Obamacare does nothing to decrease healthcare costs.

4. Obama himself stated that to reduce the use of something (in his example it was petroleum products) the cost of something needs to skyrocket to get Americans to use less of it. So, if you want people off private health insurance, it’s necessary to cause it’s cost to go up dramatically. Once it’s too expensive for the average citizen to purchase, where do you go? Onto the government’s insurance, AKA, medicare. Hence, the public option is alive and well.

5. In order to help control costs and not put themselves out of business, health insurance companies will have to reduce payment to physicians. Doctors pay hundreds of thosands of dollars for their education. Once there is no longer a practical way for doctors to pay back their student loans and other expenses, what do you think happens? Fewer doctors, longer waits, which means, rationing of services. Think, take two aspirins and call me in the morning, next Spring.

So who likes this new law? Everyone who thinks that there is a free lunch. Those who believe that Obamacare is their way to get free healthcare. Can people really believe, in this day and age, that there’s such a thing as FREE anything? Unfortunately, yes.

It’s pretty universally agreed that we need some serious heathcare and health insurance reforms. And that won’t be free either. Most would agree that annual and lifetime limits need to either be adjusted or removed. Not free, but if someone you love has Cancer you can appreciate it. Keeping teenagers on your policy till 26? Lots seem to agree. I don’t. How did we survive for the past century without kids staying on our policies beyond graduation from college? It ain’t free either. Pre-existing conditions. Valid. Not free.

So if we make the appropriate changes to our healthcare delivery system, it’s going to cost us some serious money. However, insuring everyone is simply not practical. Do we really need to insist that every 22 year-old purchase health insurance because some very small portion of 22 year-olds will develop a major health issue? Wouldn’t you rather spread the cost of the few youngsters that get ill across the spectrum rather than force all young adults to purchase health insurance – which isn’t going to get through the Supreme Court anyway, at which point the main funding source of Obamacare goes down the toilet and the cost skyrockets into the trillions of dollars.

If you can find a dozen good things about Obamacare, at least be honest about the thousands of things that are wrong with it. It’s time to reform our health system, with an eye on reducing costs, and most importantly, keep the people in Washington, who can’t manage their own budgets, out of managng our healthcare.