You can bet that if a campaign sign of a Liberal African-American was vandalized to paint the candidate’s face white there would be an outrage voiced on virtually every media outlet; but when Florida Republican congressional candidate Gloreatha “Glo” Scurry-Smith’s campaign sign was defaced not a word was seen in the mainstream media.

Sunday Smith tweeted out a picture of the sign that a Liberal vandal had spray-painted to make Smith’s face white. Smith encountered the sign in Jacksonville, and though she wasn’t surprised that one of her signs had been altered, she didn’t expect anything of a racial nature would be done in such a public manner.

Scurry-Smith“Throughout this entire incident, I go back to Martin Luther King’s comment that ‘we look forward to a time when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,'” Smith told the National Review.

Smith decided to respond on her Facebook page and show her gratitude to those that have supported her.

“Please know that I do not know who did this, nor am I concerned with pointing fingers. It is important that we forgive and move on regardless of the person’s reason for doing this. My desire was to bring awareness and hopeful make one think before doing something like this again,” she wrote.

Smith’s adversary in the upcoming GOP primary is Thuy Lowe who has condemned the crime; but the Liberal incumbent Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla. was totally ambivalent about the racial vandalism.

“To be talking about signs is ludicrous to me. And whatever happened was unfortunate, but I do not personally believe in campaigning months in advance,” Brown told a local television reporter.

Lowe, to her credit, felt compelled to speak out against the racism directed toward Smith.

“I was shocked by this,” she said. “There have been some comments out there that this may have been caused by bigotry. This is a message that she is an African-American woman who is a Republican and therefore has a white point of view.”

It’s unknown whether the local police are investigating the crime; however should it be found that a Brown supporter was involved, which is highly likely, will the mainstream media then feel that the racist defiling of a Republican African-American’s image warrant air time?

Not likely. The double-standard demonstrated by the Liberal media knows no bounds, no politically correct limits nor outrage because in their eyes Conservatives, especially an African-American women such as Smith, deserve what they get. How sad.