Liberals, and to my dismay, a number of so-called Conservatives, have been bending over backwards to argue for the use of “nice” words.

You know the words or phrases I’m talking about.  You don’t say “target,” you instead say “goal.”  If you use the “t” word, you could cause someone to go out and take aim with a lethal weapon.  It’s not that we haven’t used that word for as long as the English language has been around without worrying that someone would take that word and use it as an excuse to kill someone.  Oh wait, that’s one of those words too!  Actually, if these pabulum puking do-gooders have their way, about 2/3 of our language will be considered vile hate speech.  Ain’t it grand when you can blame one person’s use of a word as an excuse for the actions of another?

I was quite saddened to see the new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, falling prey to the political correctness plague.  The Obamacare repeal law, HR-2, which just passed the House, was titled, “Repealing The Job-Killing Health Care Act.”  Boehner referred to the law as, “Repealing The Job Destroying Health Care Act.”  Oh, my Gawd!  Really?  Is this the Planet Correctness?

The folks in Washington have been killing, yes, that’s the word, jobs for decades.  In fact I believe you can track their deeds back to the 1960’s, and perhaps beyond.  But now use of the word “killing” is somehow correct.  Here, let’s consider several other uses of the term:

1. Quick, kill the power! – would now be: Quick, destroy the power!

2. This tooth is really killing me! – would be much more acceptable is rephrased: This tooth is really hurtful!

3. Well Bud, that presentation was right on target! – would now become: Well Bud, that presentation was right on goal!

4. I was scanning the horizon and I had a fine buck in my crosshairs – could potentially cause someone to go out and shoot their neighbor, so it’s better to use a term like “aiming mechanism.  Let’s try this: I was scanning the horizon and I had a fine buck in my aiming mechanism.  See, no one gets hurt – well, the deer may disagree.

You can’t find any words that will remove personal responsibility.  Sorry, can’t be done.  And the more these people try to do it, the dumber they look.  Worse yet, those who willingly participate should be ashamed.  If trying to have a rational discussion of the needs of the country requires we all put on some dunce cap and use soft and sweet words, we are all gonners.

I for one, won’t play that stupid game.  I will continue to use terms that I grew up with, that never caused me to act violently or hate my fellow man.  I shall suggest we kill poorly written or misguided bills in the legislature.  I shall target for retirement Congress people that act in manner that doesn’t further the will of the people.  I may even go out of my way to put something in my metaphorical crosshairs, just to tick off some idiotic servant of political correctness.  This is why nothing good comes out of Washington.  Just show me one person that voted for a candidate because he or she promised to go to Washington and remove words from our vocabulary that cause otherwise normal people to become killers.

At a minimum, every time a politician uses some dumbed-down soft words to replace what everyone else is already thinking, they should have to return $500 of their salary to the Treasury.  This B.S. needs to be firmly locked in our crosshairs, so we’re focused on the target of the insanity we’re trying to kill!

Here’s a video to show just how moronic CNN has become as they demonstrate their superior political correctness…I’m embarrassed for them: