Obama: I Have no Plan, but His is Worse

In a much touted speech on the economy in Cleveland today, President Obama did what he does best: blame Bush and the Congress. Rather than offer up any new ideas, the man elected with great ballyhoo in 2008 offered the citizens of Ohio, a key battleground state, more of the same old excuses.

Rather than offer a plan for the future, the objective of the Obama’s speech was to paint Mitt Romney as Bush III, proclaiming that Romney would return the country to policies largely responsible for the downturn.

Obama speech

Remember this is the same man who has blamed the Euro-crisis for weak economy, the Congress for not enacting his latest pseudo-jobs plan, ATMs for unemployment and President George Bush for his wars.

Demonstrating that he has no plan to change the economic direction of the country, President Obama chose to tar Romney with the actions taken by the previous resident of the White House.

Who is advising Barack Obama? Could David Axelrod be responsible for Obama believing that stirring the anti-Bush pot after three and a half years in office will motivate the electorate? Whoever is responsible for this ludicrous strategy needs a new job; just don’t plan for President Obama to help find one.

After weeks of dismal economic and political news for the president, Obama tried once again to defend his presidency, claiming that Mitt Romney’s argument that he has been a poor leader is just plain wrong, offering up examples of his actions, such as investments in schools and energy and infrastructure, that he says has strengthened the middle-class and will ultimately grow the economy.

Romney, Obama said, would cut taxes, cut spending and eliminate regulations — an outcome that history has already shown won’t lead to the prosperity the Republican has promised.

When has any president actually cut spending? If Romney would actually cut spending it would be a major step in the right direction.

“More than anything else, this election presents a choice between two fundamentally different visions of how to create strong, sustained growth, how to pay down our long-term debt, and most of all how to generate good, middle-class jobs so people can have confidence that if they work hard they can get ahead.”

Where are these good middle-class jobs, Mr. Obama? More than 23 million Americans are either unemployed, are under-employed or have given up looking all together. Where is the plan?

The national debt has exploded under Obama’s stewardship growing from 10 trillion to nearly 16 trillion dollars in three and a half years. Obama has more than tripled the rate of debt growth from Bush’s eight years in office in only three and a half. Where and when will we see this pay-down of our long-term debt? Where is the plan Mr. Obama?

“This isn’t some abstract debate. This is not another trivial Washington argument. I have said that this is the defining issue of our time, and I mean it. I said that this is a make-or-break moment for America’s middle class, and I believe it.”

Obama blamed partisan politics in Washington for the lack of progress in reviving the American economy. Apparently Mr. Obama believes the American public has forgotten that he had large majorities in the House and Senate for his first two years in office. Rather than concentrate on the economy he chose to consume the majority of the time enacting Obamacare. His one poorly crafted attempt at stimulating the economy was an utter failure.

Obama blamed the policies of George W. Bush for deepening the recession and accused Romney of offering the same vision. Precisely which Bush policies is Obama referring too? The wars? The prescription benefit for Medicare enrollees?  The Bush tax cuts?

Is President Obama claiming that Mitt Romney will start more wars? That Romney will somehow create greater benefits for Medicare participants? Surely the president is referring to the Bush tax cuts, which Romney is in favor of making permanent. So the president’s argument with Romney is that he’ll extend tax cuts to the folks that are actually paying taxes; what a unique concept.

Vote for Obama: He’ll Figure it Out

If the president has no plan for the future, how does this argument for another four years garner him support from Independents? Re-election without the support of a majority of Independents is a lost cause. Is the Obama’s best line of reasoning for a second term that the other guy has a plan to return to policies that got us into this mess and I have no plan whatsoever?

While Obama was attempting to morph Romney into Bush, less than 250 miles away, Romney was speaking on his plans for cutting regulations and spending and overhauling the tax system. Not the most exciting speech for sure, but as long as Obama keeps demonstrating that he’s got no clue how to turn things around he’ll keep making Mitt Romney look like a far better alternative.


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