Live From Charlotte, North Carolina, It’s Barry Ooooooobama!

As I explained in the story Obama team to create fake crowds at acceptance speech, the campaign was having a difficult time finding 60,000 people to fill the Bank of America Stadium for Obama’s acceptance speech; failing to find enough folks to avoid the awkward image of a half-filled stadium to television audiences, the campaign announced yesterday that they were scrapping plans for the grand Obama stadium appearance in favor of a subdued but filled Time Warner Cable Arena.

The Obama campaign tried to explain that it was their concern over weather that caused the change in venue back to the arena, but it was the likelihood that television audiences would see that Mr. Obama is far less popular than four years earlier. Couldn’t the almighty Obama part the clouds alleviating any concerns that a passing storm might dampen his glorious delivery of platitudes and empty promises; he was supposed to heal the earth, right?

Sorry Mr. President, the magic just isn’t there in 2012.

Obama Job Performance

You know if you tell a lie enough times you might begin to believe it. Whether the DNC talking-heads actually believe the sewage they spew isn’t something that can be proven; however it is demonstrable that the mysterious 4.5 million jobs created number that is being thrown about at the convention is at best misleading and a weak attempt to cover up the fact that Obama has been an utter failure.

Facts are pesky creatures and unless Mr. Obama is able to cast another magical spell upon the yearning public his speech tonight will have little effect on the November election. While you can choose to portray the facts in the most preferential light, facts are facts, and by any sane measure the Obama Administration has been a net negative for the nation.

It’s often popular among Conservatives to compare Mr. Obama to President Jimmy Carter; but on purely negative economic impact President Obama has surpassed Carter by nearly every measure. Over Carter’s four years in office 10 million jobs were created and despite the Iranian Hostage Crisis, soaring gasoline prices and a weakening of the U.S. military, businesses actually created jobs during Carter’s tenure. When Jimmy Carter left office the unemployment rate was 7.5 percent.

Regardless of tonight’s twisted platitudes and dishonest boasting, Mr. Obama will leave office with the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression; his true job creation will be a paltry .1 percent and the number of people who have left the job force will eclipse every president that has ever served before him.

Tonight Mr. Obama will sing the praises of a middle-class he has devastated; he will argue his support of working women when his policies and economic mismanagement have caused the loss of more female positions than their male counterparts.

Spin as he will tonight, President Obama cannot hide from the fact that these past four years have left very few better off than when he took office and when folks vote that will be the question they ask themselves.


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