If you’ve been following my blog, you know that there’s enough petroleum in the good old U.S. of A. to last us a thousand years.  In fact more under us than in Saudi Arabia.  But, of course, the Liberals will have no part of it.  They’d rather promote electric vehicles, all the while importing billion upon billion barrels of extremely expensive Middle-East oil while we wait for the technology to mature.  To that end, the federal government is implementing incentive programs to help out the electric vehicle market.

This isn’t the first step in subsidizing the electric car industry.  We’ve been doing it to the tune of billions of dollars for several years now.  The only thing we haven’t been doing is building charging stations.  Oh wait, in the midst of out-of-control spending, let’s stomp on the accelerator and start paying for them as well!

So, dig into your pockets folks, cause nine cities across the America are about to receive thousands of free charging stations, all thanks to you and your kids!  And if that’s not enough, you, me and everyone else is going to subsidize the electric bill as well.  Yes, that’s right.  Local utilities are going to be able to sell you a six month flat fee for unlimited charging for a mere $25.00.  And the difference, well, thanks to you, and the federal printing presses, will get picked up by our kids.

So if you could fuel your car for $25.00 every six months, would you?  Of course.  What a great way to destroy the gasoline fueled vehicle market!  So much for free enterprise!  I can’t fuel my car for a week on $25.00, let alone 6 months.  Want to take a guess at what this is going to cost the average Joe who can’t afford a $40,000 Chevy Volt?  You don’t want to know.

If electric cars are so great, and if we’re all going to be driving them some day, why do we need to subsidize the market?  Isn’t that what investors are for?  They take a risk and keep the benefit, or lose their shirts.  It’s called free market economics.  If the technology or infrastructure isn’t yet ready, then why are we pushing it on the taxpayer’s dime?  Did the government build oil wells to promote the gasoline car industry?  Did the government build filling stations so we could drive from town-to-town after the Model T hit the roads?  Hell no it didn’t!  Entrepreneurs invested in the wells and service stations.  They took the risk and they made a killing.  That’s what free markets are all about.  Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, but since when is it the job of the government to force an agenda upon the public whether the market is ready or not.

We did this with ethanol, and now we all pay more for every food product involving corn; and that’s touches about 70% of what we consume.  I’m still not driving around in a Seagram’s-7 fueled car.  How about you?

Mr. President, I respectfully request you stay the hell out of our markets.  Do not take my tax dollars and promote an industry that may or may not be commercially viable, effectively creating one more industry that cannot survive without government subsidies.  Oh, and while you’re at it, how about disclosing how many of your Liberal buddies are invested in the electric vehicle industry?  I’ll bet you a billion dollars (you know, those things they throw around in Washington like just so much toilet paper) that we’ll all be driving a Gore Mark I before the decade is out.