Depending on your political views, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow can be taken as either insane or inspiring. If you’re an off-the-wall radical Liberal, Maddow can be seen as an informative advocate for your views; however if you’re somewhat sane you’d find Ms. Maddow as nutty as a Jimmy Carter pecan plantation.

Maddow is one of the shock-jock style personalities on MSNBC’s Democratic Party foundation in the guise of a cable news network. In Ms. Maddow’s defense, her wild accusatory left-wing style is controversial enough that she does at least register in the top 20 cable news programs, however even at that she often comes in below repeats of Fox News programs.

According to the Huffington Post, in July Ms. Maddow’s show came in 15th place, 5 spots below Dr. Drew with 11 Fox News programs above her. While this might seem dismal, it is a step above the rest of the refuse being pumped out by MSNBC. While one of her cohorts, Chris Matthews, is clearly a close second in left-wing absurdity, Matthews exercises some level of restraint from making baseless claims; hence Maddow’s liberal audience flocks to the red meat she spews in greater numbers.

There are several programs on Fox News that one could argue are not without a right-wing bent; yet even Fox’s most ardent Conservatives make at least a reasonable attempt to show both sides of a story and wild accusations are an extreme rarity. Maddow’s show and her appearances on other programs, seems designed to toss out the most radical anti-conservative allegations and observations.

Perhaps Ms. Maddow isn’t as crazy as many think? Much like Howard Stern or other entertainers that grab attention through their off-the-wall conduct, maybe Maddow is aiming to drive Conservatives up the walls and liberals cheering. It’s worked quite well for a number of conservative radio talk show hosts for many years, so maybe Ms. Maddow is actually quite brilliant; she may be giggling, “Tonight’s show ought to jack up right-wing blood pressure readings 50 points,” as she strolls down to the bank to deposit her healthy paycheck. Who knows? Sadly there is a large contingent on the left that actually believes the things she says which only serves to widen the gap between Conservatives and Liberals.

Maddow was quick to blame Sharon Angle for the shooting of Gabby Giffords. She’s shown way out religious leaders video to use for guilt-by-association claims; the latest being the prayer event that Rick Perry held. She doesn’t focus on things Perry says, but rather seemingly crazy things said by religious leaders that Perry has associated with. Yes, left-wing advocates like Maddow were quick to castigate Republicans for labeling Obama guilty-by-association when his ties to a domestic terrorist and a convicted felon became public during the 2008 election, but it’s okay to use it against Perry; the standard Liberal double-standard.

Baltimore Sun critic David Zurawik has accused Maddow of acting like “a lockstep party member.” Never known for a bias, Zurawik’s observation is likely shared by anyone searching for a balanced approach to news. Sadly, in the post-Keith Olbermann MSNBC, Maddow is the best they can muster.

If MSNBC wished to appear more “fair and balanced,” they’d be targeting Fox personalities like Greta Van Sustern and Gretchen Carlson, neither of whom has shown a strong leaning either left or right; but, alas, the powers behind MSNBC have an agenda and that agenda isn’t based on producing the highest ratings or greatest revenue.

Now a Christian rocker is suing Rachel Maddow for $50 million, charging the MSNBC host with defamation for what he says were misleading statements she made about his views on gay rights and Sharia law.

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