The double-standards in Hollywood never cease to amaze. In the age of the left-wing “War against women,” Hollywood is in lockstep with the White House, but only as it applies to you; not them.

Star and creator of the show “Girls,” Lena Dunham, has attracted a lot of attention for her role as a campus sexual assault activist, yet she refuses to take any action to protect other women from the man she claims sexually assaulted her on campus.

Sure, there are many women who choose not to proceed in sexual assault charges as to avoid unwelcome attention following such a heinous event; but Dunham has built a career around it, so her refusal to act to keep this dirt bag from harming other women is curious, to say the least.

Dunham’s recent memoir alleges that nine years ago, while attending Oberlin College, a “mustachioed campus Republican” named Barry raped her at the school. Dunham asserts that she heard stories of Barry hurting two other women. One, she claims was left with a “blood-spattered wall” after a consensual sexual encounter; note that neither of these alleged incidents were reported to campus security.

There are, despite the lack of evidence, reports that claim Dunham’s alleged attacker has and is almost certain to hurt other women, everyone but Dunham is taking seriously their responsibility to get Barry off the street.

The incident allegedly took place nine years ago, but only this past week, after the release of Dunham’s memoir, has an official report been filed by the college. Marjorie Burton, Director of Safety and Security for Oberlin College said that based on news reports of the incident, the college has filed an “official report.” Unfortunately, the college admitted that an investigation, however, cannot go forward unless Dunham “wants to go forward.”

Per school policy Oberlin College has now made the local police aware of Dunham’s allegations, however a Department source said that, “If the victim doesn’t come forward and cooperate, criminal charges are impossible to file.”

Dunham is an avowed Liberal and her characterization of the attacker as being a young Republican bring doubt to her claims. It’s impossible to challenge her assertion that she was sexually assaulted, however her failure to report the incident to the school and unwillingness to move forward with an investigation does lend steam to those doubting her claims.

Neither Oberlin College or the Oberlin Police Department were aware of Dunham’s allegations before the release of her memoir but are willing to pursue an investigation if Dunham is willing to cooperate; yet Dunham continues to be unwilling to offer her cooperation.

The statute of limitations for rape in Ohio is 20 years, but how many other women may have been victims of Dunham’s assailant in the past nine years?

It seems odd that Dunham, who has built a career around a tragic personal event is unwilling to help protect others from suffering the same at the hands of this criminal. Or is it?