If you live in many areas of the country, and you need an ambulance, you’re going to pay.  And in Northern Virginia, like many other localities, police showing up for false burglar alarms will cost you.  So, why is it that we’ve provided troops in Germany and Japan for more than half a century gratis?  We are the most giving country in the world; of that there’s no question.  But can we afford, in this day and age, to do it for free?

Donald Trump says, “No.”  Trump believes the government should charge countries for our military protection.  Only a businessman could come to this conclusion, but it makes so much sense why haven’t we had this discussion before?

In an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News Channel, Trump suggested the United States could raise revenue and get out of debt by tapping unlikely sources like Iraq.

“We took over Iraq and we totally weakened the country. We’ve ripped their infrastructure apart. The country is a mess. It’s a total mess, and ok now we’re gonna leave,” said Trump. “They have 15 trillion dollars worth of oil. We’ve spent one and a half trillion dollars. Why aren’t they paying us?”

I’m curious as to what my readers think on this subject.  Iraq is just one example of American largess.  We’ve been the world’s benefactor and protector for most of the last century all the while providing such services free of charge.  And our payback has been increased oil prices and terrorism.  Perhaps a bit more business-sense, versus goodwill is in order.

Ultimately, there are times we’ll be forced to jump into a situation in our own interests, without the ability to negotiate a deal.  American men and women put their lives on the line for foreign countries while taxpayers get the bill.  Perhaps a more business-like approach to world politics is in order.

Trump says he will announce whether he will run for president by June.

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