God love Al Sharpton.

He’s like a Fireman running around looking for a fire to fight.  And he’s not beyond throwing a few matches in a pile of leaves to start one.  His latest fire is Senator Rick Santorum.

In an interview on CNSNEWS.COM, Santorum had the gall to state that he found it hard to believe a black man would not answer a question as to whether an unborn life is a person.  The black man he was referring to, of course, is the President, Barack Obama.  Well the alarms went off throughout the liberal community.  And the Reverend was delighted.  A new fire had erupted.

How in God’s name could Rick Santorum bring race into an argument about the unborn? What a terribly racist thing to do!


We live in a country that for almost 200 years didn’t recognize African Americans as people, or persons, however you’d like to phrase it.  They were only considered 3/5ths of a person.  Santorum’s statement was valid, and not the least bit racist.  He was stating the obvious.  As a person whose ancestry was denied the status of a person, he found it difficult that individual would be unable to offer an opinion about whether an unborn child deserved such status.   Yes, no, come on!  Uh…duh.

Well dear Reverend Sharpton has been ringing the bells of racism, because the Senator had the audacity to bring race into a conversation about the rights of the unborn.  Clearly, Santorum is just another racist.  Help me God!

And so the double standard once again rears its ugly head.  Liberals can bring race into any discussion whether it’s appropriate or not, and it’s about inequalities, or to use as a weapon against their foes.  But the minute any Conservative so much as mentions the color of ones skin, in any fashion it’s a racist act.

Give it a break.  You know what happens when you bring out the same old tired argument over and over again.  You diminish its value.  Keep it up Reverend Al.  No one is really paying any attention.

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