Let me start this entry by apologizing.  I’m a well enough developed “new millennium” kind of guy to openly admit that women are as good, if not better, at most things than men.

There are a few things I think men do better…but not many.  We make better linebackers than women.  We make better weight lifters than women.  And I’m sure there’s one or two others, but I’m drawing a blank right now.

So what does this have to do with the price of tea in China?  Well I’m trying to get acquainted with the new members of the House of Representatives and the Senate; Republican, Tea Party or Democrat.  There’s a lot of new faces.  And then today, freshman Representative Kristi Noem from South Dakota was on Your World.  And here’s where the chauvinism begins.  My first thought was, “Damn, that’s one very attractive woman!”  She’d probably spoken for a solid 5 minutes before I heard a word she said.  Lord help me, I am a man.

And when she was off the show, I decided to do some less lascivious research, and actually learn what’s behind the gorgeous face.  Here’s what I found:

1. She’s young.  Well she’s young when compared to the mass of old guys populating both houses of Congress.  She was born in 1971.  Two years later I had my driver’s license, so yes, she’s young compared to me as well.

2. She spent 3 years in the South Dakota House of Representatives.  That’s the sum of her political career up to this point.  Thank God for that.  We don’t need more career politicians.

3. She’s a businesswoman with interests in a farm, a ranch, and a hunting lodge.  That in itself puts her head-and-shoulder above about 9/10ths of her fellow Congresspersons.

4. I can’t confirm this, but I have read that she has a serious problem with motor vehicle moving violations (like 27 in 3 years!)  Apparently whatever the truth is, it wasn’t enough to stop her kicking the Dems butts in her state this past November.

5. Did I mention that she’s quite attractive.  Okay…I’ll stop that now.

She’s going to be fighting an uphill battle for the rest of her career.  She’s bright, attractive, has business experience and she’s a conservative; everything the lefties hate.  She’s not yet well known enough to get the full attention of the liberal media, but you wait.  She’s a rising star in the Republican Party, and she’s about to get the same treatment that Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Ann Coulter receive, just to name a few.  It’s brutal.  Her stance on most issues is right in line with my way of thinking, so I hope she has some thick skin, cause the arrows are about to fly.