One of the beautiful things about politicians, especially those on the hard left, is that they say things without the least bit of knowledge on the matter. Case in point is New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who after signing a bill banning bullet clips which hold more than seven rounds found out that no such animal exists.

When you make a fool of yourself as Cuomo did, how do you dig yourself out of that hole? You simple make yourself look far stupider. Cuomo came out on Wednesday and said gun dealers still will be able to sell magazines that hold up to 10 bullets only that it will be illegal to load these clips with more than 7 bullets.

New York’s current gun law, which begins April 15, bans gun clips holding anything more than seven bullets. Cuomo’s signature on the bill has been roundly slammed by the state’s residents.

The National Rifle Association’s New York affiliate plans to file suit challenging the constitutionality of the new law.

Cuomo’s press conference on Wednesday was an inconsistent and confusing exchange with reporters where the governor tried to describe his new plan as a mere technical change to rid the law of an “inconsistency” that lets gun owners possess 10-round clips at shooting ranges and competitions but requires no more than seven rounds at all other times.

While Governor Cuomo sought to downplay the change, his own press release touting the law in January had noted New York “has the strongest ban on high-capacity magazines in the country, with a limit on capacity of seven rounds, down from the current limit of ten.”

Gun magazine manufactures have stated that they will not make special 7-round clips for sale in New York.

If Cuomo is trying to reverse his increasingly negative poll numbers among Republicans, Independents and upstate residents this latest weasel-wording will do little to help turn things around.

Cuomo said that while 10-round clips still can be sold, it still will be illegal for gun owners to place more than seven bullets in them unless they are at a gun range or a competition. He said the only other changes being contemplated for the law are to make it clear that police officers can use the larger size magazines and to answer concerns raised by film and television studios, which get big tax breaks for production work done in New York State; the studios want to make certain they can still let actors use assault weapons in scenes shot in New York.

Cuomo said any push to permit people to still put up to 10 bullets in the 10-bullet capacity clips is a “nonstarter.”

Governor Cuomo has placed himself squarely in an irresolvable position of stupidity and naivety, while trying to dig out of the pit of illogic he’s created for himself. Will the governor order the police in New York to count the bullets in the clips of legal gun owners? Will we see a spat of criminal prosecutions for persons carrying more than seven bullets in their 10-round clips?

This is what politicians do. It’s like passing the bill before you know what’s in it. Congratulations Gov. Cuomo, you’ve just lowered your potential for grabbing the 2016 nomination by at least three rounds.


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