Chuck Schumer, the senior Senator from New York is one of the most entertaining men in Washington.  If there ever was a poster boy for Liberal thinking, Chucky is it.  Now following in his everyday game of blaming others for the ills of society, he is pushing for the military to be required to report to the FBI any candidate that admits he’s used illegal drugs.  Why does he want to do this?  So you can be disqualified from ever purchasing a gun.

In his never ending conquest of personal rights, Schumer said he is proposing to the Justice Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that the military be required to notify federal officials about such admissions. Schumer claims, and I don’t agree, that such a process does not require new legislation.  In fact, unless the military tells someone, in advance, that such an admission would not only preclude them from entering the military, but also potentially lead them into hot water with law enforcement and forever lose their right to own a firearm, such a move would pose a direct threat to the individual’s civil rights.  But that won’t stop Chucky. 

A military official reported to Fox News that the Tuscon shooter was rejected from enlisting in the Army in 2008 because he admitted he had used drugs.  Was it his use of drugs that caused his violent outburst, or was it due to his compromised mental state, or a combination of the two?  Should a high school student that tries pot be precluded from ever serving their country or owning a firearm?  Think about it.  How many high school students would this effect?

Chucky stated that if military recruiters or other officials report admissions of drug use to a national database, those individuals could be denied a gun.  Get a grip Senator!  Not everyone that’s ever tried drugs is going to go out and kill a Congressman or a Federal Judge.  Sure, go ahead and lump everyone that’s ever made the mistake of trying illegal drugs due to peer pressure into a database of potential killers!  And I’ll bet that database would get used for a lot more than just denying access to firearms.  Now there’s some uniquely Liberal thinking!  Go work on the economy Senator – or better yet, how about taking a sabatical until you’re next due to be voted out!  This kind of “we know what’s best for you” thinking isn’t going to protect one life.  I wonder how many criminals in New York are openly admiting their use of drugs?  And do you think any database is going to keep criminals from purchasing guns?  Wow…that’s all I can think to say.  Wow.