Dear John Edwards,

We understand that the Justice deparment is pursuing a criminal investigation with you as the primary  targret.  We were so sorry to hear this.  You’ve now squashed our intent to have you testify under oath to the Congress; a  Congress less filled with your co-liberal – progressive thinkers.  Alas, at best we’ll watch you do some time.

The FBI is examining how much the two-time presidential candidate knew about money used to cover up his extramarital affair and out-of-wedlock child and whether he had other practices that violated  campaign finance laws.  I’m going to guess he knows where every penny went.  But that’s my take on it.  The FBI will get the facts (we hope.)

A federal grand jury meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina, is combing through records and testimony involving several political organizations and individuals connected to Edwards and trying to determine if the former U.S. senator from North Carolina and 2004 vice presidential nominee broke any laws. A recently issued subpoena focuses on a web of these political groups allied with Edwards, according to subpoena details provided to AP that offer a glimpse into the investigation being conducted behind closed doors. 

The case largely stems from money spent to keep Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter, in hiding along with former campaign aide Andrew Young, who initially claimed paternity so Edwards could continue pursuing the White House without the taint of the affair. 

Investigators are looking chiefly at whether funds paid to Hunter and Young — from outside political groups and Edwards’ political donors — should have been considered campaign donations since they arguably aided his presidential bid, according to several people involved in the case who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing probe. And they’re also looking closely at whether any entities linked to Edwards operated illegally. 

While it could not be learned if federal prosecutors have found violations of a specific statute, federal election laws require disclosure of the money spent on campaigns for federal offices, limit the amounts of such donations and prohibit the conversion of campaign funds to personal use.

Okay, okay, enough of the twinkle-toes approach.  The man should’ve been indicted more than a year ago.  There has been solid evidence from multiple sources that stated that Edwards paid off  Ms. Hunter, and the payments were, for lack of a better word, Rielle.  Nuff said.  You paid her either directly or you sent your cronies to pay for things for her.  You did, what you did.  And if you used campaign funds to do so, you get an all expenses paid vacation in the Federal prison most appropriate for you crime.  I say we re-open Alkatraz.  He could be an exhibit on the tour.  Woman from all over the country would happy travel out there to spit on the man that was cheating on his faithful wife as she was battling terminal cancer.  And then taking the little guys 10 dollar donations and using them to put up your play thing and creating a new life.  Hey, wait,  aren’t you pro choice?  Perhaps he meant his choice was in woman.

Just one more corrupt, dishost politician out of our hair.  334 to go…plus the Big Kahuna!.