There is simply nothing so sad as a hungry and poor dead person; but fear not, cause they’ve addressed that problem in Massachusetts, where even the dearly departed can collect welfare benefits.

Yes Virginia, there is life after death, at least if you have a Massachusetts EBT card.

Sadly some of these benefits don’t begin until you move into a higher plane; of course that is if you define the great ever-after as getting your EBT card.

Massachusetts’ state auditor released a report yesterday that found at least 42 beneficiaries “whose benefits actually began after the recipient’s dates of death.”

Now when someone says, “I’ll die before they approve my benefits,” they may not be kidding.



Massachusetts’ auditors found a total of 1,164 deceased persons who had collected a total of $2.39 million. When Momma or Daddy went to heaven who could’ve known the state would continue to send the money?

It’s like that movie, “The Sixth Sense,” where the little kid keeps saying, “I see dead people,” only this time he’s seeing deadbeat Democrats.

Strangely enough, the audit report was released only a few days after the Massachusetts legislature voted down welfare reform for yet another year. Coincidence? You decide.

Massachusetts EBT

The Massachusetts auditor’s report demonstrated how far the deadbeats would go to collect, rather than actually get a job.

If some of that brainpower exhausted in collecting dead person’s benefits would be applied towards earning an honest living they could be contributors rather than simply beneficiaries. Some of these folks managed to collect under more than one Social Security number, while others are sharing a single number. Another thing the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) didn’t bother to check on was the Social Security numbers provided by supposed beneficiaries. In Massachusetts all you need to do is get a hold of the Social Security number of a dead person and you’re good to go.

DTA staffers simply wouldn’t even think of validating what was being provided by their clients. It is those people that justify their own jobs, after all.

According to the Massachusetts auditor, 30,000 blank EBT cards have disappeared, or as we common folk say, “been stolen.”

Perhaps the Massachusetts DTA folks might have caught a clue by all the “lost” EBT cards that have been reported. Nearly 10 thousand welfare recipients in Massachusetts have received 10 or more replacement cards since 2006. Ask yourself, how many times have you lost a credit card in the last 6 years? Ten times? Your credit card company would probably have kicked you to the curb long ago. But if you want to hand out your personal collection plate to a bunch of your friends to use, what better way that to have 10 of them with the same information. Oh yeah, the old cards: not disabled.

Just this past week the Massachusetts state Senate voted down an amendment to put photo IDs on the EBT cards. Sure why would you want to reign in abuse? Apparently not many of them did as they voted down the rule 30-8.

In Massachusetts they believe welfare recipients deserve vacations? Where do you think these unfortunate folks are going on their vacations? The mountains of Massachusetts? Of course not: Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada.

Welfare advocates claim that the cards are mostly used to buy food. If that was the case then why are the top 10 outlets for EBT card use in the state of Massachusetts all banks? More specifically ATM machines?

After the release of the Massachusetts auditor’s report the television stations finally decided to mention what was a long held dirty little secret. Emblazoned across the screens was the phrase “Breaking News,” Massachusetts EBT scandal uncovered.

Really? Breaking news? To whom? Perhaps the scale of the problem wasn’t known because the government has been hiding it for years; but everyone in that state from the enabler-in-chief Gov. Deval Patrick on down to the guy who parks his limo knew what was going on.

And yet, even with the media’s final acknowledgment, in Massachusetts nothing will change as long as they have a Democrat dominated legislature. And that won’t change any time soon.


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