Life is not easy if you’re a Liberal; there’s an unlimited amount of problems that can be solved if only you can find away to solve them with someone else’s money.

It’s no surprise to anyone that the far-left wing of the Democratic party believes that all the nation’s woes can be addressed with a little more printing of money over at the Treasury Department. And even when people’s behavior is not up to par, it can always be blamed on insufficient government spending.

Yet it’s hard to wrap your head around the latest blame game being played by the Democrats; who now are claiming that it’s a lack of funding that accounts for the IRS‘ targeting of conservative non-profits. In a House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing, Democratic Rep. Jose Serrano of New York suggested, “There is no clearer way to promote more scandals than by cutting funding that could be used for oversight, training and reform. At the level of this subcommittee is funded right now, we’re just asking for more trouble at the IRS and elsewhere.”

Serrano was joined in this lunacy by another New York Democratic Rep. Nita Lowey. The pair continued this line of defense despite acting IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel saying that the problem with the IRS wasn’t lack of cash. “The solution here is, in my opinion, not more money,” he said to the shock and dismay of the Democrats on the committee. “If you start with more money, that’s the wrong starting point.”

Unfortunately, this “is” the left’s only starting point.

There is no need for analysis; no point in second-guessing the process; no assignment of personal responsibility; the left’s solution is to simply dump more money on a problem. The Democrats are like the family of an 800 pound man bringing him more food. They must keep feeding the government at all costs regardless of the damage done to the nation.


Democrats fear the American people; they shudder at the thought that the American people might one day have the ability to decide their own tax rates as part of a tax on consumption rather than earnings. If Democrats cannot control the in-flow of revenue to feed their spending plans they have no purpose. It takes bureaucrats, more bureaucrats and ever more bureaucrats to make sure Americans make the right choices. And if those bureaucrats fail, we must have more bureaucrats to monitor them.

While the Democrats are arguing for more spending on, of all things, the IRS, former IRS non-profit head Lois Lerner is off somewhere on paid leave; Sarah Hall Ingram, former commissioner of tax exempt and government entities division, is enjoying her $103,000+ bonuses during the period in question; Joseph Grant, former deputy commissioner of tax exempt, is enjoying his $84,000 in bonuses, as well.

The IRS spent $4.1 million on a 2010 Anaheim conference that included a $17,000 speakers fee for a fellow who painted Bono on stage to show “the thought process to find creative solutions to challenges.”

Conservatives, on the other hand, believe that power corrupts and that unchecked power in the hands of an unelected bureaucracy is dangerous. The only way to cure that problem is to devolve power to individuals over their own lives. The left’s idea: Tax those individuals, and give power to a subset of wiser, smarter folks.

The IRS is the proof in the pudding.


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