Convention Overload

The television ratings for the GOP convention were nothing to write home about; the Democrats will take it one step further this week by creating a nationwide convention coma.

The Democrats released their final convention speaker list this week and it appears to be about as interesting as watching coffee drip. While the GOP displayed the future with Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Susana Martinez, Rand Paul, Brian Sandoval and Mia Love , the Dems have chosen to do a convention flash-from-the-past review including a video from their last epic failure: James Earl Carter.

Democratic Party Convention

While the Republicans put up governor after governor, the Dems put up a noted Obama detractor Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker. Booker hasn’t even held a statewide office, so his appearance at the convention is purely intended to bolster his chances should he choose to run against Chris Christie next year.

Next in the Democrat’s convention hit parade is San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, another Democrat that hasn’t held a statewide office, clearly intended as an answer to the GOP’s Marco Rubio; apparently this is the best the Dems could summon as their Latino political rising star.

From the radical wing of the Democratic Party we have Tammy Baldwin, Congresswoman from Wisconsin; far left even by the standards of the House Democratic caucus she’s facing an uphill battle against Tommy Thompson in this year’s Wisconsin Senate race. Baldwin will dish out plenty of left-wing talking points for the convention crowd.

Bowing to their union masters, the Democrats will present to the convention crowd the Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris. Harris is anticipated to succeed Jerry Brown as the governor of the bankrupt Greece-like state of California.

In their “what were you thinking” moment, the Democrats decided to give the infamous “Fakahontas” Elizabeth Warren a speaking spot at the convention. Warren will likely be ground into dust this November by Scott Brown. If the message you’re trying to send is ingenuousness, Elizabeth Warren is your woman.

The political chameleon, Charlie Crist, still looking for a home after failing as a Republican and an Independent, will give the Democratic Party a whirl as a speaker at the convention. If the Democrats were looking for an answer to Artur Davis, Crist is a pitiful response. How desparate is the DNC that they’re allowing Charlie Crist to speak at their convention?

The remainder of the Democrat’s speakers are a collection of unknown, uninteresting and uninspiring Liberals unworthy of a bag of microwave popcorn.

Can Clinton Save The Convention?

The one exception to this litany of snoozers at the convention will be the Moses of the Democratic Party: Bill Clinton. Bill is the only person speaking at the Democratic convention that anyone other than MSNBC might tune in to hear. Clinton will put on a supportive face, all the while grinding his teeth. Bill is a “good” Democrat but has no love for Barack Obama; Clinton will speak on the president’s behalf only to hang on to the option for Hillary to run in 2016; but you can bet your bottom dollar that old Bill will be voting for Mitt.

Though the speakers at the Democrat’s convention may not be interesting they’ll dutifully pour out buckets of class warfare red meat, proclaim the GOP’s war on women and offer up tear jerking stories of the millions of babies saved by Obamacare; unfortunately for the DNC the majority of the nation has already decided that Barack Obama isn’t up to the job of president and Romney only had to prove he wasn’t a complete moron.

Looks to be a good week for Redbox and Netflix.

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