In the age of political correctness, how far will we bend to insure the left’s precious “fairness?” Liberals love to find an injustice to right; whether it really exists or not is simply inconsequential. reported that the Phoenix Aquatics Department noticed an inequity they felt must be addressed, at any cost. The Aquatics department stated that the public pools used mostly by black and Hispanic kids, were staffed with, God help them, lifeguards that were mostly white. So how do you address such a ghastly injustice? You began to recruit minorities to replace the existing lifeguards.

The Phoenix Aquatics department issued a report which indicated that the old “model” would be that the city would recruit from schools that had swim teams and likely had better swimmers; these swimmers just happened to be predominately white.

“The kids in the pool are all either Hispanic or black or whatever, and every lifeguard is white,” Kelly Martinez (who works for the city of Phoenix) says, “and we don’t like that. The kids don’t relate; there’s language issues.”

If you sent your kid to the pool wouldn’t your primary concern be that there was a qualified strong swimmer to pull him or her or any other kid out of the water if need be and not the color of their skin or native language? When someone is flailing his or her arms in the air isn’t that the international signal for help?

Phoenix officials are willing to compromise safety at 29 public swimming pools as long as they’ve diversified their lifeguard force. The city of Phoenix will spend thousands of dollars to recruit minorities regardless of their swimming skills, according to a Phoenix city official. Blacks, Latinos and Asians who may not necessarily qualify can still be hired, says the Phoenix official who added that “we will work with them in their swimming abilities.”

If a person is drowning, do you think he or she cares the race or language of the person doing the saving? However, they probably expect that the person doing the saving can actually swim. Commonsense? Apparently not any longer.


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