A small pizzeria in Virginia Beach, VA has been garnering lots of media attention for offering a discount to all patrons carrying a firearm or with a concealed handgun permit. Even with all the pressure for the owner to speak publicly Jay Laze has remained aloof till this past Tuesday night when he granted an interview to Piers Morgan of CNN.

Piers Morgan

Laze’s reward for giving in to the requests and taking his Second Amendment to the hard left-wing audience was complete disrespect from the radical Liberal Piers Morgan.

Tuesday on the program once known as fair when hosted by Larry King, Piers Morgan told the restaurant owner that he hopes the promotion “fails spectacularly.”

Piers Morgan was disrespectful towards Laze, a man he’d previously called an idiot. Incapable of understand a man wishing to make a statement about gun-owner’s rights, Piers Morgan asked Laze whether the promotion is meant to “perk up your profits nicely.”

“And that’s why you’re doing it, right?” Morgan asked.

Laze acknowledged that he is trying to make money for his business: “How it’s supposed to work is, I can save money, then I can use it later in life to support me.”

Apparently Piers Morgan doesn’t understand that the aim of businesses, at least here in the US, is to make a profit.

“Your failure to make money has nothing to do with your liberty,” Morgan responded.

“That’s right,” Laze agreed.

The 15 percent discount has been offered since the middle of February Laze told The Virginia Pilot and that he got the idea from an ice cream shop in Utah. Laze was taken by surprise by all the national media attention.

Laze will continue to offer the promotion though he said he isn’t likely to do many more TV interviews given the disrespectful and asinine treatment he got from Piers Morgan. Laze didn’t consider his experience on Piers Morgan’s show to be worthwhile because much of the interview was cut by CNN limiting his ability to express his views.

Isn’t it shocking when the left-wing media squelches any view other than their own?

No wonder England doesn’t want Piers Morgan back.


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