American national politics is like a disease, but the United States Attorney General is not supposed to be playing politics.  As the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the country, he or she is supposed to be above the fray; not so with Eric Holder.

Mr. Holder has been a stain on the Justice Department since he was Deputy Attorney General.  His radical left-wing stance on a number of issues made his appointment truly unpopular.  Since he’s been in place as the Attorney General, he’s continued his biased and extreme actions.

During the 2008 election, several members of the Black Panther’s Party stood outside a polling place in Pennsylvania, batons in hand, in direct violation of federal elections law.  Mr. Holder denied charges against any of Panther’s involved in the incident.  The law states that any action which might intimidate voters at a polling place is a felony.  But Mr. Holder decided that standing directly in front of a polling place, wielding nightsticks, did not rise to the level of intimidation.  Really?  I guess they would’ve needed to fire off a few shots to get Holder’s attention.

Holder further deviated from the American public when he decided to try the mastermind of 911, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in a criminal court.  Holder announced the Justice Department would bring KSM to New York for trial, along with a number of other Muslim extremists held at Guantanamo Bay.  The uproar from the public was quick and vehement.  Demonstrating his lack of understanding, rather than quickly admitting his error, Holder stood by his decision to grant terrorists criminal rights.

Holder has stuck to his guns on this matter until today, when he announced that KSM, as well as the other  he was planning to bring to the U.S. would be tried at Guantanamo by a military tribunal.  Never willing to admit his own failings, Holder immediately blamed the congress and the public.

Eric Holder should never have been named the Attorney General.  His acts have shown his deep partisanship and liberal bias.  Holder is just one of many ridiculous appointments made by President Obama; fortunately, many of them have been drummed out of office, though Holder has hung on.  Even with all his questionable actions, Holder took it to a new level today when he stated that he knew better than the American public.  The audacity of his elitist views makes him incapable of serving those same people he finds himself superior to.  The message is clear; Holder believes because he knows the facts of a case better than the people he works for, they should just trust his judgment and shut up.  Holder has clearly lost touch with the people that sign his paycheck and must immediately tender his resignation.

Though Mr. Obama can’t get Qaddafi out of office, it would take but one phone call to Eric Holder to remove this plague from the Justice Department.  Until he does, there can be no justice in the Obama administration.

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