If you have any question as to whether the Democratic National Committee learned anything from their drubbing in the November 2010 elections, the latest move makes it clear the answer is a demonstrable No.

There are very few persons in congress as partisan as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Arguably those two carried the water for President Obama in implementing the most left-wing agenda ever seen in Washington.  They were not alone, but that was primarily due to the majority of the Democrats in congress being akin to lemmings; they’ll blindly follow their leadership over the edge of a cliff, and did so last year, ending many of their political careers.

Besides Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, two individuals, one in the House and one in the Senate come in close second in their respective houses of congress.  In the Senate, Chuck Schumer will do and say anything to forward his elitist agenda, while in the House Debbie Wasserman-Schultz stands second to none in her radical progressive views.

Today it was announced that the current Chairman of the DNC, Tim Kaine, ex-Governor of Virginia, will run for the senate seat currently held by Jim Webb, who recently announced he will not run for a second term.  Ex-Senator and Governor of Virginia, George Allen, has already announced his intention to run for Webb’s seat, setting up a contentious battle in 2012 that will have implications for the presidential election.

Incumbent presidents get the enviable role of choosing who will lead their respective parties, so Mr. Obama chose Wasserman-Schultz to lead the Democrats through the next election and in doing so showed that rather than taking a more middle-of-the-road approach, believed to provide his best chance for re-election, that he will stick with his true beliefs which mirror Wasserman-Schultz’s radical views.  Perhaps this will end any speculation of Obama’s supposed move to the center.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Debbie Wasserman-Liberal-Schultz

There is no one in Washington more on-point than Wasserman-Schultz.  If there were a person more dedicated to the redistribution of wealth, a care-taker state and socialized medicine you’d have a hard time finding them.  Wasserman-Schultz has never seen a tax she didn’t like; she is as hard-core a tax-‘n-spend liberal as they come.  In choosing her Obama has exposed what we’re likely to see in the 2012 election, and despite political wisdom he’s projecting the 2010 whipping forward.

As a conservative, I love this choice.  This move is likely to ensure that the Democrats will lose the Senate in 2012.  More importantly, Wasserman-Schultz’s hard left-wing rhetoric, that’s she’s repeatedly demonstrated on Sunday mornings, will greatly reduce the chance of a second Obama term.  Wasserman-Schultz could have been a co-author of Rules for Radicals.  She regularly displays her fangs, demonizing everyone that disagrees with her point of view and has no problem twisting the truth to align with her goals.

Thank you Mr. Obama.  You’ve openly admitted what others have tried to get through to the American public since you first ran for national office: you are a radical liberal.  Get ready for the tone in Washington to getting significantly more negative.

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