Do you remember the shooting in Arizona where Democrat Gabby Giffords and eighteen others were gunned down in a supermarket shopping center in 2011? Of course you do; it was all over the news. It took only a few hours after that shooting before accusations were made that the shooter was a right-wing lunatic; days later we learned that the gunman was, if anything, a lefty.

Without knowing anything about Jared Lee Loughner, the Arizona loony, the press and the Democrats accused the GOP and the Tea Party of being involved in the shooting; when that didn’t pan out the media and the Liberals tried to claim the shooting was due to Sarah Palin’s use of a gun sight in a campaign ad. The newspapers and the radical members of the Democratic Party would not stop the finger-pointing until the public simply got sick of it.

It took about a split-second for one liberal media outlet, ABC News, to blame the Tea Party for the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado this past month; ABC was forced to retract the statement a day later.

In all these nutcase shooting instances there are two golden rules followed by the left-wing media and the Democrats: blame the GOP or the Tea Party and cover it non-stop.

Family Research Council Shooting

Then we had something stunning that the lefties in the press and the Democrats couldn’t spin: a shooting at the Washington D.C. headquarters of a conservative Christian organization; the shooting took place Wednesday, August 15, 2012.

The suspect, identified by law enforcement sources as Floyd Corkins of Herndon, Va., entered the offices of The Family Research Council and yelled at the guard about the organization’s policies before shooting. Corkins was tackled and subdued by the guard whom he had just shot in the arm; Corkins was later turned over to the Washington police and FBI.

Corkins was a volunteer at the DC Center for the LGBT Community, a community center in Washington for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, where the Associated Press reported the 28-year-old often worked at the front desk.

“I was shocked to hear that someone who has volunteered with the DC Center could be the cause of such a tragic act of violence,” the center’s executive director, David Mariner, said in a statement. “No matter the circumstances, we condemn such violence in the strongest terms possible. We hope for a full and speedy recovery for the victim and our thoughts are with him and his family.”

“The security guard here is a hero, as far as I’m concerned,” said Metro Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier. “He did his job. The person never made it past the front.”

Charges against Corkins are to be filed Thursday according to sources in the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington.

“We don’t know enough about him or his circumstances,” said James McJunkin, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington field office. “We are going to try to sort this all out, pull the evidence and do all the interviews we can.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins issued a statement about the shooting on the organization’s website.

“The police are investigating this incident,” Perkins said. “Our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today. Our concern is for him and his family.”

The Family Research Council was founded in 1983 by James Dobson. Today, Perkins heads the organization, which is vocal lobbying group for conservative Christian social issues, including opposition to abortion and gay marriage.

Perkins supported Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy, whose company has publicly taken a position against gay marriage.

“Chick-fil-A is a Bible-based, Christian-based business who treats their employees well. They have been attacked in the past about their stand. But they refuse to budge on this matter, and I commend them for what they are doing,” Perkins said.

The suspect in The Family Research Council shooting was carrying items from a Chick-fil-A restaurant according to law enforcement sources.

Many of you may be asking, why haven’t we heard much about this particular shooting in the news? In fact many of you probably don’t even know about the shooting. The answer is quite simple: the Democrats and the mainstream media haven’t yet figured out how to spin this to blame the GOP or the Tea Party. Oh, they will; give them time. Meanwhile don’t expect to hear a lot about this incident.

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