Something that started like a joke has become serious – that is President Donald Trump’s interest in Greenland. There were numerous jokes about this matter on late-night television shows, including social media. And now, the flood has become a no-joke diplomatic split between the U.S. and a long-time ally.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump leashed out an attack on Denmark’s prime minister because she won’t allow the purchase of Greenland — besides, she considered the notion ridiculous. Additionally, the rest of the world finds it absurd…but not the U.S. President.

Regardless of the fact that a major part of the world considered the whole thing preposterous, President Trump has a different opinion — in essence, he saw no humor in it, which is why he lashed out (something considered typical of Trump in such circumstances.) The President said that Denmark’s prime minister is “nasty” — an insult that people have come to expect, especially when he has issues with women such as Meghan Markle and Hillary Clinton.

He Didn’t Stop at Attacking Denmark

The president didn’t just stop at attacking Denmark, he included NATO on his list. President Trump pointed out that Denmark forms part of the Atlantic alliance. His decision to do this came only two days prior to going to France for an international summit — France is also a NATO member state.

Here’s the Main Question — Why Exactly is the United State’s President Interested in Greenland?

Put differently, what exactly is making this one of the most desolate places in the world worthy of US interest, to the extent that the most powerful man in the world would want to make such a purchase proposition? The President sees it to be “a real estate deal of a lifetime.” The land mass of this real estate is a quarter the size of the country Trump leads. Purchasing this land would secure his place in the history of the United States, just as President Andrew Johnson — in 1867, purchased Alaska from Russia and Thomas Jefferson who in 1803 acquired Louisiana from the French.

From Trump’s advisers’ perspective, the proposed multibillion dollar acquisition poses a challenge to China, in terms of their dominance in industrial metals and aids in obstructing renewed ambitions from Russia. Greenland is effectively an autonomous region, while its sovereign owner, Denmark, is responsible for foreign policy and defense.

Greenland is known to be richly endowed with significant rare-earth metal deposits, among them are dysprosium, praseodymium, neodymium and zinc byproducts.

Once upon a time, corporations in the United States considered China to be a benevolent supplier of rare-earth metals used in the construction of computers, mobile phones and electric cars. Chinese companies engaged in mining operations across southern and central Africa, with the aim of securing greater dominance in the world market, while the United States government was asleep at the wheel.

Trump says in his subconscious mind, that he considers Greenland to have a price

As he was readying for the G7 summit in France, President Trump, while on the tarmac to board Air Force One, clearly stated that he imagined Greenland to have a price, just the same way he concludes that everything has a price, including humans; as a result, he believed Denmark will be willing to sell.

According to President Trump, “Just as we do for large portions of the globe, we protect Denmark equally. Therefore, when the concept arose, I concluded it will push through without fail. Essentially, this real estate deal is a large one. It’s interesting…strategically interesting.”

This idea is not new. The president has floated this idea in times past. While Mette Frederiksen, Danish Prime Minister has termed Trump’s notion “absurd,” Trump’s interest is an indication that this island’s geographical importance is increasing. Even China is becoming interested in this piece of treasure. The increasing importance of this real estate, associated closely to North Atlantic shipping lanes made available due to polar ice melting, is also believed to be rich in yet-to-be-tapped natural deposits and resources.

In a mock assessment of the bid that Trump proposed, the Financial Times placed a value of Greenland’s mineral and defense assets; estimated at 1.1 trillion US dollars.

Freideriksen did not want to encourage any discussion on the sale. She plainly stated, “Greenland is not for sale.” According to President Trump, his number one priority is not the purchase Greenland. However, by merely floating the idea, it’s an indication of his intense interest in this untapped gem.

So, what is America’s goals for the acquisition?

Acquiring Greenland would make the United States the world’s largest nations in terms of land mass, second only to the Russian Federation. The acquisition would be a very significant territorial acquisition — the single largest one in the history of America —a bit larger than the Louisiana Purchase.

The United States has acquired Danish territory in the past

Territorial transactions between Denmark and the US is not a new concept. There have been US acquisitions of Danish territory in the past, including the Danish West Indies, circa 1917, which was then renamed the United States Virgin Islands.

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