Hi, I’m Megan, and I’m here to defend liberism.  You see, I care about people.  I understand the inequities of life and that some people don’t encounter all the fortunate circumstances that some folks with thick wallets have been lucky enough to see come their way.  Fairness dictates that all of us share our luck with those less lucky.  If that means those that have accumulated wealth have to pay a bit more to make up for the unfairness of life’s happenstance, then so be it.  If you’re able to understand this concept, you’ll also realize that some who have hit life’s lottery aren’t able to make just decisions as to how to best address the needs of society.  This is where liberal thinking gives us a road map.  Sure, it may seem like we think that we know what is best for everyone else, but that’s cause we CARE.  And those that don’t attack us because we see through their lies.  Conservative is just another name for uncaring, neanderthal thinking, where everyone is judged by what they’ve accomplished in life, rather than the needs of the less fortunate.

OK, I GIVE!  No, this wasn’t an actual post from a liberal.  I did it, just to illustrate one of the most common arguments of liberal thinking.  That being that it doesn’t matter how hard you’ve worked for what you have, only that somehow you should feel guilt and freely give your money to those that believe you don’t really deserve it because you’re LUCKY.  Liberals don’t believe it’s possible to achieve through hard work.  And their measure of one’s worth is their desire to spread it around.  Liberals don’t realize that in America, those who work hard to realize the American Dream, are usually the most generous of us all.  They don’t need one group of people demanding they give to the less fortunate, they do so willingly.  Liberalism is the opposite of beneficance.  Giving of oneself, sharing with others, isn’t the same as submitting to laws or obligations imposed by others.  Work hard, reap the benefits, and share with other, if you so choose, for the rewards you gain from doing so.  It allows one to direct their gifts to whom they deem fit, and not some organization with it’s own agenda.  Wealth redistribution is a main staple of liberalism and its ugly stepdaughter progressivism.