Today, the U.S. House of Representatives started their session by reading the Constitution.  Even though several Democrats participated, a large number of Democrats protested that reading the Constitution as a waste of time.  They stated that wasting the time while so many Americans are out of work was absurd.  It’s an interesting take.

For the past two years, the Democratically controlled Congress has addressed such issues as Obamacare, Cap ‘N Tax, Gays in the military, and so on and so on, without any concern over the time being consumed as the economy spiraled downwards.  They even spent a trillion dollars on a “stimulus” package that was neither stimulative nor beneficial to a single unemployed person.  They touted the famous, “Jobs created or saved.”  And, in fact, it did save jobs.  Union jobs.  Crass pay backs to the people that supported them and their agenda.  However, while they were paying back their cronies, the unemployment rate, that was never to exceed 8%, rose to nearly 10%.  Quite stimulative, huh?

But now, after two years of wasteful, corrupt spending, reading the document that serves as the basis for our nation, is a waste of time.  I could not disagree more.  In fact, those who have acted in our government, in some cases for many years, should be required to read the Constitution aloud prior to each and every new Congressional session.  They should be required to take a test of their knowledge of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, before they can be sworn in.  If they fail, they should be sent back to their state to educated and a substitute that can pass the test should be assigned by the Governor.  Once they’ve successfully learned exactly what the document they are sworn to uphold is all about and demonstrated that, they can return.  And not until they do.

As far as I’m concerned, if reading the Constitution is a waste of time, there is no word in the English language to convey the level of waste represented by the actions or inactions of our Congressman or woman.  Wise up!