Why are so many in Hollywood devout Liberals? It’s an interesting question. Success, in itself, cannot be a reason for such a large percent of the glitterati to lean so far to the left; there are extremely successful people all over the country. Arguably there are more successful Conservatives than Liberals in the country. Surely the natural left-wing nature of California plays a role, but what causes entertainers living in “The Golden State” to take on such a radical progressive view of our country?

One fact worth considering is the nature of how entertainers, specifically actors and actresses, earn their livings. Who wouldn’t like to earn mega-bucks for playing a role? Acting is something to some extent we’ve all done in our lives. Certainly some skill is involved, but isn’t it just play-time of a sort?

Now the Hollywood Limousine Liberals are not alone in their leftist philosophy, or are Limousine Liberals found only on the left coast, but the sheer volume warrants some deliberation. New York has its share of successful lefties; as do most large cities. What is it that ties such a high percent of people in the movie and television industry to progressive thinking? Guilt.

You might think, gee these folks have been so successful that it’s simply a matter of charitable thinking. If that were the case there are many outlets available for them to give their time and money towards; many do. Isn’t it enough to share your success with those less fortunate? Why the need to reform society into a socialistic model? Would those in Hollywood truly wish to take an approach that redistributes wealth from those who achieved success to those who have not? More importantly, how many celebrities do you know that divest themselves of their millions and life a life of the average person?

While the following statement may come across to some as racist, it is no way intended to be so: many whites, including a good deal of Conservatives, voted for Mr. Obama because he is of mixed race. Many believe that it makes a statement of how far our society has come that we’ve elected a man of color to be our president, and certainly it does. The concept of any man of color being elected into the White House just a few years ago would’ve been unthinkable. Unfortunately, for a great deal of people, it wasn’t a blindness of race that would’ve demonstrated Martin Luther King Junior’s magnificent vision of a colorblind society, but rather a cleansing bath for white Americans; as if electing a black man would somehow wash off the stain of injustice so many carry with them. However racism is within one’s soul, in each person, not of society. Feeling good about electing a man of color, or a woman, to be president doesn’t erase one’s inner bias, it’s simply a substitute for honesty. Being truly colorblind is to not see a man or woman as black, white, Asian, native American  or any other race; in Martin Luther King’s words, “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

The progressive Liberals in Hollywood have practiced this sham soul-cleansing for years. Surely some of this thinking is native to California, but many in the entertainment field come from across the nation. What turns them into radical Progressives when they achieve success in the hills of southern California? It doesn’t take a sociologist to recognize: It is the same purification of souls, erasing of sins, which caused so many to elect Obama. If Sean Penn were so concerned about the inequities of society, he could go live in his car and donate the millions he’s earned to help the less fortunate. The same goes for the multi-millions Michael Moore has earned through his radical America-hating films. Much the same as Liberals that promote green technology, like the Al Gore, that want you to reduce your carbon-footprint while he flies around in a carbon-belching private jet. Celebrities believe that demonstrating concern washes their soul and realigning society cleanses them of their guilt of success not earned through hard work, but good fortune. A little introspection might be in order.

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