I’ve seen a lot of talk going back and forth about the sick guy that shot Congresswoman Gabby Giffords.  You notice I didn’t use his name.  I know it, but I’m not going to give other sick people the idea that publicizing their name gives them some sort of fame.  In fact I think no one should publish his name to keep those out there, like the guy that shot Reagan, or Lennon, or anyone else out there thinking of shooting someone even a split-second of fame.  I’m sorry you’re mentally deranged.  I’m not sorry for you, but I’m sorry for the innocent people that were or may be harmed.  Come on news people, bloggers or anyone else positioned to publicize the name of people that harm others, don’t give them the fame.

Now, on to where I started.  A lot of the talk being bantered about, is whether this guy was spurred on by right wing talk, the Tea Party, or the harsh particisim in Washington.  For the love of God, give it a rest!  Whether the guy was a left wing radical, a right wing radical, a progressive nut, or a friggin Communist.  Let’s not forget one simple fact.  The dude was out of his mind!  I don’t care what his political affiliation was…he was a damn loon!  Anyone that goes up to someone they disagree with and shoots them is a nut case!  I strongly disagree with Nancy Pelosi – I think she may be nuts herself.  I can’t stand the woman, because her views are so out of my realm of understanding, she might as well be from the planet Loony.  But I’m not about to go out and shoot the woman.  Harry Reid…probably as far from reality as they come, doesn’t deserve a bullet.  Sorry.  What makes America what it is, is our ability to have orderly and peaceful elections to throw the bums out – not kill them.  Killing folks for having stupid views is, frankley, stupid.

No angry words.  No ad by Sarah Palin that Gabby’s seat was in a targeted spot.  No picture of crosshairs means go out and kill another human.  Let’s get some sanity back in the conversation and realize that as unfortunate as it may be, we have nuts in our society.  It comes with having a free society.  We risk encountering ill people.  We get them off the street when we can.  A more important question is why those that knew this nut didn’t contact the authorities about his illness, for his welfare and clearly for those of those that were injured and lost their lives this weekend.

Stop the political B.S. folks – pointing fingers won’t heal the Congresswoman or fill the hole in the hearts of the families that lost loved ones!  And placing limits on Free Speech will only leading to the exhange of angrier words in quieter rooms, to hide from the free-speech Nazi’s.  Our fore-fathers determined that attempting to limit the free speech of individuals only leads to more speech.  And I dare say, these tactics are about to get stompped into oblivion.