God save and heal Gabby Giffords and the others injured Saturday.  And help those families that lost loved ones.

But a pox on the house of all attempting to point fingers at the cause of what happened.  I guess I need to reiterate, the acts of a mad-man known no political thought, bias or view.  Give it a rest and just offer your prayers to those that need it most.  I’m embarrased by the political B.S., from all sources, looking to find blame in others for the acts of a nut.

And then there are those that like to blame guns, or large capacity ammo clips.  Please.  A nut can kill with a knife or a rock.  Should we ban knives?  Will we ever smarten up and realize it’s the person wielding the weapon and not the weapon at fault.  Listen up folks: Guns don’t kill people…people kill people – if you can find a way to keep weapons out of the hands of nuts, God bless you.  It seems virtually impossible to me.  But don’t blame law abiding sane citizens for the acts of a nut-job.

Just stop it and pray for the victims!