California has long been known as the home of fruits and nuts.  No, that’s not some nasty comment about gays and liberals.  California is literally the fruit-basket of America and the home of more varieties of nuts that any other state.

But, California is also a bastion of idiotic thinking.  From Hollywood to Sacramento, there’s some way-out-there thinking going on.  Congressman Brad Sherman, a liberal wacko from California has decided, in the most disgusting of ways, to take political advantage of the actions of the insane shooter in Tuscon this weekend.

Sherman, like a lot of Progressive Liberals, live by the rule that you should never let a crisis slip by without using it for your own political gain.  Sherman has decided to use this tragedy to take pot-shots (I apologize for the incinderary languary) at Sharon Angle, the unfortunate Senate candidate that lost to the corrupt Harry Reid political machine.  Sherman said that even if language used by Angle and her supporters hadn’t incited the shootings in Arizona, eventually it will lead to violence.  You Mr. Sherman are an unabashed idiot!  It’s now more than clear that the shooting had nothing to do with targets drawn by Sarah Palin, aggressive speech by Sharon Angle, or even the phase of the moon.  The shooter was a loon and apparently so is Congressman Sherman.

Sorry California…Barbara Boxer…Nancy Pelosi…and Brad Sherman.  I think you hit the trifecta!