Imagine if the first Latina Governor was inaugurated and the mainstream media just ignored it?  Hard to imagine isn’t it?

Well let’s be a little more specific.  Imagine if the first Latina Governor was inaugurated and she was a Republican and the mainstream media just ignored it?  Now it makes more sense.

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez was sworn in New Year’s Day as the nation’s first Latina governor and it came and went with nary a whisper.

The GOP’s history making victory for the Hispanic community garnered little recognition in the national media.

News outlets like the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune failed to mention her Hispanic heritage, while others such as the New York Times didn’t even cover the events as she took the oath.  An oversight?  I think not.  The liberal media does not want to recognize that it is even feasible for a conservative female, let alone a Hispanic one, to attain the position of Governor, fearing the potential surfacing of another female Governor like Sarah Palin being recognized as a political superstar.

The apparent oversight prompted some media analysts to question why Martinez – as well as a handful of conservative Hispanics – has been left largely out of the national news spotlight.

The biased media is intentionally avoiding recognition of the number of Hispanic conservatives who are elected to statewide offices and to Congress, especially in the western states,” as was stated by Mike Gonzalez, vice president of communication at the Heritage Foundation and a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

We’re on to you folks in the soon-to-be-defunct fish wrapper business.  Where once the newspapers were where Americans went to find the facts, they now represent only the facts they choose to extole, and bury or distort those they do not.  When you watch your rapidly deminishing subscriptions, have a good look in the mirror and ask yourselves if you serving the public or your management’s political views?  It’s clearly the latter.