A shocking bit of news was reported in Friday’s Wall Street Journal revealing that the Obama Administration had been involved in covert operations against Israel to gather information and prevent the Jewish State from launching an attack against Iranian nuclear production and weapons sites.

The report states that Obama deployed an additional aircraft carrier to the region after it was found that Israeli aircraft had tested Iranian air defenses in what the U.S. government suspected was a test run for an attack on Iran’s Fordow plant. Mr. Obama sent carriers with attack aircraft on board that were directed to respond to any Israeli attacks against Iran.

If this doesn’t make it crystal clear that Mr. Obama, despite his claims to the contrary, is no supporter or Israel, then the leak by U.S. officials to the Journal that Israel was responsible for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists should seal the deal.

The same government officials that revealed the supposed assassination attempts also stated that Israel had plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites as early as 2012, but the Obama Administration pressured the Israeli government to hold off.

Mr. Obama kept the details of The U.S./Iran nuclear negotiations hidden from Israel because of strong disagreements over the extent to which Iran might, and eventually was, allowed to pursue a nuclear program in the resulting agreement. Israel had made it clear to administration officials that Iran’s abundance of energy resources made it apparent that the Islamic State had no peaceful purposes for a nuclear program.

If these revelations don’t convince the Jewish community in the U.S., that has overwhelmingly supported Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party, that the interests and security of Israel are of no consequence to the President, nothing will.