If a Republican uses an unfortunate turn-of-the-word the media is quick to react. Should a Conservative use words that might be considered racial in any sense the left-wing radicals and the media scream racism. Yet in this world of double-standards, it’s not only “allowed” for Liberals to use racist words, it goes almost unnoticed.

Thaddeus Matthews

Last week a Memphis DJ spewed a life-time supply of offensive and vulgar words in an on-air interview to attack local Black Republican congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann. Thaddeus Matthews called her a “token negro” who is doing the bidding of “white folk.” Matthews called her “stupid,” and described her as a “curly-haired nigga.”

For most of the interview Bergmann could not get a word in as Matthews dispensed a barrage of hate-fill words. Unquestionably Matthews had planned the assault on Bergmann well before the interview began.

As the interview started Matthews went directly on attack repeatedly challenging Bergmann’s loyalty to black people and asking her about her relationship with the Tea Party.

Matthews asked Bergmann, “Are you a token of white folk? Are white folk using you to come against black folk?”

When Bergmann tried to respond Matthews interrupted, saying, “Damn, Ms. Bergmann, shut up for a moment. Okay, shut up for a moment, because you shucking and jiving.”

Matthews pressed Bergmann on her plans to help the black community, but instead of allowing her to answer he said, “All I see in you is another token negro,” likening her to former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

After several minutes Matthews threatened to cut off her microphone and throw her out of the studio. “I’m so sick of your sh-, yourself, and I’m about to put your ass up outta here,” he said. “You are a token negro that white folk have control over.”

“I am so sick of yo’ sh…stuff and I’m about to put yo’ ass up outta here,” Matthews shouted at Bergmann. “You crazy as hell! Here you are another one of them stupid ass Republicans that want to throw money at the issues.”

Bergmann, clearly offended, chose to leave the interview; as she was leaving Matthews continued to shout at her, “Get up and get your ass up outta here. Get your stupid, ignorant ass up outta my studio.” As Bergmann left the studio she held out her hand to Matthews, but he refused.

“I don’t need to shake your hand,” he told her. “I’m scared because some of that whiteness might rub off on me.”

You might expect people lining up to demand Matthews firing, but barely a word can be heart in Memphis.

The interview has been all over the Internet but in Memphis the media is, for the most part, completely ignoring Matthew’s hateful language. Anger is being expressed across the country, but apparently in Memphis it’s okay to use the kind of disgusting words Matthews poured upon Bergmann.

Bergmann has described her treatment by Matthews as “racist” and abusive. Bergmann said it stems from the notion that black politicians should uniformly be Democrats.

Bergmann is competing to take the seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen. Cohen’s office has not even issued a statement about the radio interview.

If it wasn’t enough that Matthews used his radio program to express his hatred for Black Republicans, he stands by his comments offering only to apologize for the “whiteness” comment

“I do not regret the content of what I said. In the anger of having another politician in my studio that knows absolutely nothing about nothing and gives me stupid answers, I don’t regret that,” Matthews said. “Now the context of the whiteness rubbing off … that part I do regret, that particular portion of the show. But the rest of everything I said, I meant exactly what I said.”

WPLX-AM 1180 has issued an apology, but Matthews remains on the air. Bergmann said the WPLX owner, William Pollack, called her Wednesday to apologize and sent her a written apology which expressed regret for the “ill treatment” on air.

“I was unaware of the horrific treatment of you until today. I have personally met with Matthews and will assure you this situation is receiving our complete attention,” the statement said, adding that he “personally supported” Bergmann in 2010 and will do so again.

While WPLX owner William Pollack was apologetic, WPLX must have known that Matthews was an out-of-control left-wing radical. Matthews was fired from another AM station in 2010 claiming that white Republicans pressured the bosses to remove him.

Mr. Matthews apparently feels that as a black broadcaster he has license to use such disgusting racist words if it’s directed towards a black Republican. Whether such language is used between two persons sharing the same skin color or not it is reprehensible. No one, regardless of race, creed, color or religion deserves to be treated in this way and anyone that uses the public airways to do so should be immediately terminated.

Imagine had Ms. Bergmann been a Democrat; the ground in Memphis would be shaking from the uproar and demand for Matthews to be fired. We have laws against hate-speech; this seems like a good time to enforce them.