By chance did you catch Your World with Neil Cavuto today January 18th? If you missed it, Neil had Donald Trump on the phone today to discuss the visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao.

I’ve never been a big fan of Donald Trump.  Sure, he’s entertaining as hell.  And I have to admit I’ve seen more than a few episodes of The Apprentice.  But generally the draw is to see the collection of personalities on the show and how they go about trying to screw each other out of a chance to work for “The Donald.”

But I have developed a whole new respect for Mr. Trump today.  His take on the crisis with China was intriguing and enlightening.  Trump’s view was that we needed to act soon while we were still in a position to change the dynamic between China and The U.S.  A man who is very wise when it comes to world commerce, he made the point that his Chinese contacts laugh at what they can get away with vis-a-vie interactions with American businesses and government.

I suggest if you missed it, you have a listen while you can:

There have been some rumors of the possibility of Donald Trump running for President, and if you listen to this interview, I think you’ll agree with me, Mr. Trump is running.  And I, for one, might have to give him serious consideration.